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Hot Springs, AR
Hot Springs Finished Water Contract A
Project consisted of 13,000 LF of 36” DIP, 5,000 LF of 24” DIP, and 1000 LF of 12” and 8” DIP Water Main and App ...
Little Rock, AR
Kiewit Infrastructure South Co.
Relocation of approximately 8500 LF of Water Mains and Appurtenances ranging from 30” to 3”
Little Rock, AR
Project Diamond- Amazon
Complete Sewer System: 2 pump stations 20’ deep utilizing de-watering and special trench safety system. 1000’ of ...
Van Buren, AR
Rickey Pump Station & Force Main Improvements
Construction of 1,400 GMP Pump Station and Force Main
Malvern, AR
Malvern Arkansas Waste Water Treatment Facility Improvements
WWTF Renovations and 3500LF of 36" Ductile Sewer Outfall Piping
Russellville, AR
I-40 South Gravity Sewer Interceptor
ATU I-40 South Gravity Sewer Interceptor 10,000 LF of 30” and 24” Gravity Sewer 48 Manholes